Why I’m coconut crazy

I get asked a lot if coconut oil is good for you and yes coconut oil does contain a large amount of saturated fat but it is plant-based saturated fat, completely different than the saturated fat found in animal foods.

Just as there are “good fats” and “bad fats”, there are also “good saturated fats” and “bad saturated fats”.

Unrefined whole coconut meat, coconut milk and unrefined coconut oils are “good saturated fats” they have a completely different biochemical makeup than the saturated fats found in animal foods.

Epidemiological studies show that saturated fats found in animal foods (such as butter, beef, dairy, turkey, chicken, eggs, etc) are harmful to heart health but the saturated fat found in unrefined and unprocessed coconut foods are not harmful. Even though many people for years have been blaming all saturated fats for increasing the risk of heart disease.

Research has shown people living in the Pacific Islands and Asia, whose diets are naturally very high in unrefined coconut foods, show low incidences of cardiovascular disease.

This does not mean all coconut oils are healthy for you!

Processed coconut oils contain hydrogenated oils and we now know it is the hydrogenated oils (which contain trans fats like canola oil or margarine) that are harmful to your health, not the unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil should be cold-pressed to preserve nutrients from the whole coconut and they are processed without the use of chemical solvents or hard mechanical filtration.

Coconut oil (that has not been refined/processed) contains disease-fighting phytochemicals that are only found in plant-foods.

Coconuts are also rich in lauric acid, which has very powerful anti-bacterial / anti-viral properties and is well known to support a healthy immune system and even facilitate brain function.

I use coconut oil as a substitute for butter, it’s my go to for raw desserts/baked goods, i love to put a tea spoon in my morning green smoothies to add good fats into my daily diet and most importantly it’s great for high temperature cooking as it is very heat stable, so it resists oxidation and can withstand high-heat temperatures.

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Carla. x

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